*Tru Stitch Length Regulator Made in the USA by Handi Quilter Especially for Brother NV model & Comparable Babylock Free Motion Quilting Machines. For use with Brother Models: NV1500D, NV2500D, NV2800D, NV4500D, NV4750D, NV5000, NV6000D, NV6700D, NV6750, NX2000, VM6200D, VM5100, VQ3000, VQ2400, XV8500D, and comparable Babylock sewing machine models.

For Free Motion, Ensures all your stitches are the same length. Pull Faster or Slower, and it will regulate the stitch length accordingly for Free Motion Quilting Stippling.
Same as Babylock Tru Stitch Regulator also Made in the USA by Handi Quilter.

  • Revolutionary and Innovative new stitch-regulation system that measures your movements for choreographed stitch-regulation
  • Easy to learn how to use and operate the system.
  • Achieve consistently even stitch lengths, regardless of stitching speed.
  • Full visibility of quilting area leads to easier quilting and greater flexibility with quilting designs.
  • Perfect for all free-motion quilters from beginner to advanced

    Achieve consistently even stitch lengths, regardless of your free-motion quilting speed. You’ll quickly be creating quilt designs with beautifully even stitches. TruStitchTM is the perfect companion for your Brother sewing machine.

    For Use With: DreamWeaver™ VQ3000, DreamWeaver™ XE VM6200D, Duetta® 2 4750D, Innov-ís 1500D, Innov-ís 2500D, Isodore® Innov-ís 5000, Laura Ashley Innov-ís NX2000, Quattro® 2 6700D, Quattro® 3 Trilogy Limited Edition Innov-ís 6750D, DreamCreator™XE VM5100, DreamCreator™ VQ2400

Controller: Advanced wireless sensor moves in harmony with the quilt to control stitch length.

Receiver: The receiver translates the signal from the controller to the machine to regulate stitch length.

Hand Free Magnet: An Optional use tool for keeping the controller positioned on the quilt, freeing up your hands.

Coaster: Attaches Firmly to the edge of the quilt, allowing more flexibility for quilting small projects or quilt borders.

Trustitch Regulator - How to set up and use your new Babylock Trustitch! In this video I show you how to set up and use the Babylock Trustitch regulator. I show you how all the wires go, and how to move the "hockey puck" the right way to get your stitches even. Give it a try!
Included Accessories
  • Controller
  • Receiver
  • Hand Free Magnet
  • Border Coaster
  • All necessary power and connection cords for use in the US and Internationally.
Laverne Kaml, Apache Junction, AZ
I did not like this product at all.