*Box of 4 Spools- with a weight of 1/2lb. of Techsew Premium Bonded (high abrasion resistance) Nylon Thread. Choose 4 spools for any combination of the following:

Black 90, 135

White 90, 135

Brown 90, 135

Excellent abrasion resistance and high tensile strength. Ideal for horse tack, leather work, footwear, upholstery, luggage, handbags, bookbinding, technical textiles and more.

Bonded or lubricated thread is less likely to fray for the best possible stitch results.

8oz Spool Yardage Depends on the Size of the Thread:
Size #90: 2100 yds
Size #135: 1525 yds

Common Thread Uses

415 Thread with a Size 250 Needle
Commonly used in rated products like logging, mining, and military nylon webbing and strapping.

346 Thread with a Size 230/250 Needle
Commonly used for mule and other heavy duty tack. Also used in boot and shoe applications.

277 Thread with a Size 200 Needle
Is the most commonly used thread size in leather crafting from saddle and tack, boot and shoe, gun and knife, and all other kinds of craft and industrial applications.

207 Thread with a Size 180/200 Needle
A favorite size thread for saddle bags, purses, and other thin material crafting.

138 Thread with a 160 Needle
Used mostly in belts, billfolds, purses and other thin material crafting.

99 Thread with a 130 Needle and 69 Thread with a 110 Needle
Is seldom used in leather applications unless the stitch is not to be a major part of the final design. This combination is more commonly used in fabric, vinyl, and other thin material applications.

Note: Your bobbin thread tension will require readjustment when using smaller thread diameters, such as 69 or 99, in the bobbin.
Other Images

icon Black 8oz (1/2 lb) is Available in Sizes 90 and 135

icon White 8oz (1/2 lb) is available in sizes 90 and 135

icon Dark Brown 8oz (1/2 lb.) is available in Sizes 90, and 135