For cleaning threads and fabric bits from your AccuQuilt mats

Use the die pick to remove any threads that may become imbedded between the blades and foam on your die boards. It is normal for threads to get caught where blades meet in a die. Keeping your dies free of threads will produce better cutting results.
Jane F, Danvers MA
Dear Mr. Douthat, Thank you for reading my survey comments as to why I did not compete the check out process for the two items I had in my cart. I did not realize it was the die pick that was causing the shipping charge. I did call this afternoon and ordered the two items. I explained the situation to the lovely lady who helped me and she will have the shipping charge taken off the final charge to my account. Thank you for your intervention, Jane freedman

Colleen B, Kelowna BC
Thank you for the great service. This is my second order and won't last. Your customer service contacted me to advise of a delay, which I appreciated. I have recommended your site to my friends as I am truly satisfied. Thanks again.