Combines a Wing/Hemstitch needle and a Universal needle with a 2.5mm seperation on a cross bar from a singe shaft. Use for decorative stitching in dual rows on tightly woven fabrics. System: 130/705 H ZWIHO. 1 needle per pack. Size: 16/100 (both needles). Carded.

Fabric Use: Light or medium weight loosely woven fabrics. Popular for heirloom sewing and to create decorative cutwork

Heirloom Stitching Beyond Traditional - Christopher Nejman at

How To Sew A Hemstitch Using A Wing Needle by Professor Pincushion. Learn some tips and tricks to using a wing needle and doing hemstitching, also known as heirloom stitching.

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icon SCHMETZ Hemstitch Needles The Hemstitch needle is an odd looking needle. It has two little wings on each side of the needle. This needle is commonly used on light to medium weight loosely woven fabrics found in heirloom sewing and decorative cutwork. Multi-media quilters also like the unique stitch. This needle is wide, so make sure to switch out the single hole foot. By the way, the Hemstitch needle is also known as a Wing needle. Available in sizes 100/16 (#1772), 120/19 (#1787) and a Twin (#1773). The Twin version is actually a combination of two different needles mounted on a cross-bar on a single shank: a Universal needle and a Hemstitch with a 2.5mm separation between the two needles.