Mesh screen used to transfer designs onto project. Simply draw design on screen with marker and then place over area you want to reproduce design. Use preferred temporary marking tool to trace over design. Mesh screen allows marks to show where perforations are. Less marking to remove from projects.
1. Lay mesh screen over design you want to copy. 2. Use a marker or pen to trace over the design onto the screen. 3. Lay screen with design drawn on it over your fabric piece - where you want design to go. 4. Trace over lines with marking tool of your choice. If marks need to be removed - please make sure to use an air or water erasable pen or pencil. Test the marking pen or pencil on a scrap of fabric you will be using to be sure the marks come off to your satisfaction before marking design. 5. Remove mesh screen and design will appear on your fabric as a dotted line. 6. Quilt or embroider your design with thread of choice. WARNING: Keep product away from direct sunlight. For best use - store product rolled or flat to prevent wrinkling or creasing mesh screen.