Set of 3 pencils in red, black and white.

*Use with Dritz Longarm Quilter's View Film #3702 *Writes on any porous or non-porous material *Do not use on quilt blocks *Moisture-resistant and resists fading

DRITZ-Longarm Quilter's Film Marking Pencils. Use these with Dritz Longarm Quilter's View Film #3702, or to write on any porous or non- porous material. Pencils are moisture resistant and resist fading, the markings can be erased with a damp cloth and they are paper wrapped so just pulling the string and peeling the strip down will reveal more of the pencil. This package contains three marking pencils. Colors: Red, White and Black. Imported.
*Paper wrapped-just pull string and peel down strip to reveal more pencil *Erases with a damp cloth