Includes 24 colors of Sliver, 24 colors of Holoshimmer and 36 colors of the original Metallics.

Dimensions are 15''L x 13 1/2'' W x 3''D

The Metallic Dream Package is the perfect set for all your metallic thread needs! Metallic assortment comes with 24 Silver and 24 Holoshimmer and 36 Original Metallic spools 165 yd. This assortment holds small Sulky snap-end spools and weighs only 4 lbs. when filled. You may easily remove spools whether the unit is free-standing or partially opened & hung on a wall! Spools don't fall out! Thread collections are organized and labeled by color family, ready for your next project! Comes with 84 popular Metallics. Measures 2" deep; 13"x13" when closed.