*40 spools of 220-yd, 12-wt metallic thread plus 2 1650-yd spools of bobbin thread. (Includes 40 x 200m Glamour No. 12 spools, 2 x 1500m Bobbinfill spools, a custom embroidery CD and Glamour needles.)

Includes Rack Stand with Thread Cutter, 40 Spools x 220 Yards No. 12wt, 2 Bobbinfil Thread Spools x 1650 Yards, Anita Goodesigns 42 Designs CD, 5 Needless Size 16, Carrying Strap, Thread Guide. The Storage Box Doubles as a Thread Stand!

It's a thread case, it's a thread rack, it's 40 spools of beautiful Rayon No. 40 embroidery thread and a free embroidery design CD. It's Madeira's unique 3-in-1 thread assortment! Incredible Threadable contains spools, a design CD from Amazing Design's Dakota Collectibles with 42 embroidery designs, a complete printed color card, and a handy carry strap.

The Incredible Threadable Box holds colors separately and allows the s pools to be easily removed and replaced, as each color number is print ed in each thread pocket. The built-in threading system allows sewers to run the thread directly from the box to the machine without unpacking. This tangle-free system even has a thread cutter built into the handle.

Instructions for Thread Box Thread Stand Use:

Each spool is neatly organized by color family and stored in its individual thread pocket. Each pocket is identified with the thread color, number and name so spools can be easily removed, replaced and refilled.

To load and pre-thread up to 12 colors at one time is a snap. Pull all colors needed for your embroidery design. Place polls in thread chambers in color order, working left to right on each side. Pull each thread up from its chamber and through to its corresponding thread guide. For best results, thread should feed from the outside of the spool. Close the doors and stand up the box on its included base to the right of your machine.

Grasping all threads at once, clip ends to even, using the built-in thread cutters. Thread your machine with the first color and being stitching. Repeat for each color. Thread should feed from the right side of the box, up and through the guides, and directly into your machine. Simply rotate the box to access the second set of chambers on the reverse side. Guides can be thread from both sides if you are using both sides of the box.

Glamour Box

Art. No. 8060

  • 40 spools of Glamour No. 12, 200 m (220yds) ea.
  • 2 spools of Bobbinfil, 1500 m( 1640yds) ea.
  • 1 pack of MADEIRA Glamour Needle, size 100/16
  • 1 Glamour Thread Guide
  • 1 CD with 42 Designs
  • 14" x 9" x 3" inch

Glamour Threads are outrageous! Designed for dimensional embroidery, it adds texture and sparkle while maintaining a soft hand feel. Exceptionally strong and smooth running, its unique style adds brilliance and radiance to any design. Glamour threads are perfect for the embellishment of leather, denim, as well as top stitching, serging and stippling!

Madeira Incredible Threadable box with Glamour Metallic It's a thread case, it's a thread rack, it's dozens of spools of beautiful embroidery thread and a free embroidery design CD. It's Madeira's unique 3-in-1 thread assortment. 40 spools of 220yd/ 200m metallic embroidery thread plus 2 spools of 1650yd/ 1500m Bobbinfil bobbin thread. Glamour was the first 12 weight metallic thread ever produced.
Included Accessories
  • Thread Box 14" x 9" x 3" inch
  • 40 Spools of 220yd Madeira Glamour Thread
  • 2 Spools 260yd Bobbin Fil Bobbin Thread
  • 42 Embroidery Design CD
  • Pack of 5 Madeira Sewing Needles
  • Handy Carry Strap
Other Images

icon Specially shaped high quality embroidery needle for thicker metallic embroidery threads.

icon Optional: Samples from all 12 stabilizers for creative work.

icon Madeira 20928060 Incredible Threadable Glamour Metallic Embroidery Thread Kit 40 Spools x220Yd 12wt