Available with or after purchase of Brother PE Design NEXT version 9.0 Embroidery Digitizing Software

Learn to use your new PE Design Next with this informative instructional DVD from Brother:

Chapter 1: FlipPal and Photostitch
Chapter 2: FlipPal Overview
Chapter 3: PE Design Next Overview

PE Design Next Layout and Editing Features

Chapter 4: Basic Text Layout and Editing
Chapter 5: PR-DN Create Floral Lines
Chapter 6: Design Database
Chapter 7: Importing Design & Adding Text
Chapter 8: Name Drop
Chapter 9: Photo Stitch
Chapter 10: Program Stitch Creator
Chapter 11: Template Feature
Chapter 12: Transforming Text
Chapter 13: Using the Split Stitch Tool
Chapter 14 :Working with a Custom Hoop
Marilyn H, Franklin TN
Excellent customer service!! I would have given you a higher score if that would have been an option!