Introducing Sulky Stick 'n Carve, The Quickest, Easiest way to apply any design for carving pumpkins. Using a printer - or even a copy machine - print or copy your design onto the Stick 'n Carve. Then peel the release paper from the back and stick it on to the surface you intend to carve. No more taping or poking holes; Stick 'n Carve stays in place until you're finished and rinses away with water.

Contains 3, 8.5" x 11" sheets. A flexible, fabric-like, water soluble material that fits like a glove and securely sticks on any round or flat surface without taping. Simply photocopy or computer print your design onto a sheet. Peel off the release sheet. Stick the design in place where it will securely remain throughout the carving process. After you are finished carving, the Stick'n Carve willl wash away quickly and completely with plain water. Use for fruit carving, vegetable carving, woodcarving and any other carving crafts

Stick 'n Carve is the first truly new innovation for the lucrative Halloween Market in years because it completely eliminates one, age-old, bothersome, time-consuming, un-fun part of the process of Pumpkin Carving.

No one actually likes to tape a flat pattern onto a round surface, and then try to transfer that pattern onto the round surface before beginning to carve. Now, they no longer have to!!

Simply Print or Copy a design onto a sheet of Stick 'n Carve, Peel off the release sheet, Stick it on a pumpkin, and Carve. Not only is it absolutely ideal for carvers at all skill levels, it is the quickest, easiest and most fun way for the whole family to carve.

Stick 'n Carve will continue to find a solid market even after Halloween because it is also perfect for Fruit Carving, Vegetable Carving, Wood Carving, and other Carving Crafts.
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