Where metal meets metal, this spray provides a long-lasting lubricating film with excellent heat resistance to help keep machinery running smoothly. Resists rust and corrosion, and will not wash away, run off, or dry out.

  • Created for applications where metal meets metal
  • Provides long-lasting lubricating film with excellent heat resistance
  • Resists rust and other corrosive action
  • Helps to keep machinery running smoothly; boosts productivity
  • Will not wash away, run off, or dry out

    : A highly-concentrated, all-purpose, heavy-duty spray for anything that squeaks, sticks or
    rusts. It leaves a long lasting film with excellent resistance to heat. No. 715 will not wash
    away, run off or dry out. It is especially useful in the marine, automotive, glass & mirror,
    graphic arts, hardware and industrial maintenance trades.

    USES: Use No. 715 on cams and slides, chains and couplings, plain bearings, small open gears,
    fork lift truck masts or anywhere that metal meets metal. It can be used on car or truck
    accelerator linkages, bearings, brakes, service linkages, ash tray slides, radio antennae,
    cams, gears, hinges, hood locks, door locks and all body hardware. Other uses include
    windows, garage doors, faucets, lawn mowers, bicycles, toys, garden and household
    tools, fishing reels, guns, filing cabinets, office equipment.

  • Resists rust
  • Will not wash away
  • Highly concentrated
  • Excellent resistance to heat
Size 16 oz. can
Net Weight 11 oz.

Color: White
Fragrance: Solvent odor
Spray Pattern: Thick stream
Shelf Life: 1 Year +

Ozone Depleting Compounds: None
Recylclable Packaging: Yes
VOC Compliant CARB/OTC: Yes
DOT Hazard Class: ORM-D
Shipping Name: Consumer Commodity
24 HOUR MEDICAL EMERGENCY: 1-866-836-8855