Great tool for introductory serger classes.

Kit has 4 primary colors of Intressa Polyester, core-spun all purpose sewing thread that is both strong and colorfast. The four colors makes it,easier for students to visualize the contribution of each needle, looper and tension adjustment in,the formation of desired stitch types.

Convenient for classroom. Each student can be provided with,an individual pre-assembled canister. Made in the USA.
American & Efird® (A&E), one of the world's leading manufacturers of sewing, embroidery and quilting threads for consumer markets has introduced Intressa™. Manufactured in their North Carolina facilities, Intressa thread is a U.S.-produced premium quality polyester core spun sewing thread with performance characteristics and versatility that allows it to serve as an all-purpose thread for a wide range of applications.

"Intressa is a new-generation, all-purpose thread made with advanced technology that results in a smooth, beautiful, long-lasting stitch that will exceed the expectations of retailers and sewing enthusiasts looking for quality and creativity in their sewing products," said Marci Brier, director of the consumer products division at American & Efird. Intressa was first unveiled to store owners in A&E's booth at the 2012 International Quilt Market tradeshow in Houston October 27-29 with plans for an early 2013 retail launch.

"The development of Intressa is a reflection of A&E's 121-year tradition of providing innovative and high-quality products to our customers and consumers," she said. "We're excited to bring to market a new product that will quickly become a 'go-to' thread for today's consumer – no matter what the sewing project may be."

Engineered for strength and durability and manufactured using the most advanced technology available today, Intressa was created for trouble free sewing and offers improved strength, colorfastness and dimensional stability making it ideal for a wide range of applications which include upcycle fashioning , crafting, construction, and home décor projects. It is well suited for medium to heavyweight fabrics including upholstery, canvas, denim, linen and corduroy.

The color line illustrates its versatility and consumer appeal. Dyed to computer-monitored requirements, Intressa is available in 150 updated colors, including the 50 current best-selling thread hues as well as a selection of contemporary shades that coordinate with today's most-popular fabrics and emerging color trends.

"Intressa's updated color line truly differentiates it in the marketplace," said Steve Butler, national accounts manager for A&E. "Consumers will appreciate the color selection during their planning, and they'll come back for Intressa again and again because they'll find it is strong, durable, makes a beautiful stitch and is hassle free to sew with."

Intressa is wound on a proprietary mini-king snap spool that is compatible to modern, high-tech sewing machines. An inner channel helps the spool fit snuggly on the machine, which prevents shifting during sewing. The snap-closure prevents tangling and holds the thread in place when not in use.

Additionally, the design of the new bottom label ensures the thread's label will remain untouched with use, allowing consumers to identify the product and color when they need to buy more.

A&E also is taking a fresh approach to merchandising with Intressa. The in-store display goes beyond showcasing the color palette to also highlight Intressa's features, benefits and applications, helping retailers inform and educate their customers and empowering customers with information to make purchase decisions with confidence.

"Intressa was designed from the ground up to be an enhanced sewing thread and ultimately enable each sewer to achieve their desired sewing successes," Butler said. "This new generation of core spun polyester thread is made to exacting standards – strong enough for the most demanding sewing applications while soft enough for the most detailed stitching."

American & Efird (A&E) Consumer Products is a division of American & Efird LLC, whose 121-year commitment to quality and innovation has positioned it as one of the world's leading manufacturers of sewing thread used in apparel, embroidery, bedding, and home furnishings. The A&E Consumer Products division manufactures and markets thread to distributors for use in home sewing under the brand names consumers trust, including Intressa®, Signature®, Maxi-Lock®, Robison-Anton® and YKK® zippers. A&E Consumer Products division is based in Mount Holly, N.C. For additional information, visit - See more at:
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