This is the world's first heat resistant cover made with Nomex®, a fire and heat resistant fiber used for clothing worn by firefighters, fighter pilots and policeman. Imagine, no more scorch marks or burnt covers from a misplaced iron as this cover allows the iron to rest directly on the cover. This extraordinary cover also reduces ironing time because there is no need to constantly put the iron in its holder. Cover tested in extreme conditions, recommended by ironing professionals

This heat-resistant X-Tremecover is exclusive to Laurastar. Tested in extreme conditions, this particularly resistant material is used in the production of protective clothing worn by professionals such as firemen, fighter pilots and policemen. Highly recommended by ironing professionals, it features an elastic band making it easy to secure in place.

Suitable for the following ironing systems: Laurastar Go +, Laurastar Go, Magic Evolution II, Premium Evolution II and the Comfortboard ironing board.

We are unable to ship Laurastar products outside of the United States of America

Magic Evolution II
Premium Evolution II
Laurastar GO +
Laurastar GO
Comfort Board

Composition : 100% polyamide, 100% polyester foam padding
Cover dimensions (LxW) : 127x49.5cm.