A powerful, self-adjusting extension spring provides equal tension every time you hoop. A self-adjusting replacement outer hoop ring. Reduces, and often eliminates hoop burn caused by over tightening a thumbscrew. Elimination of the thumbscrew means no more wasted time adjusting the hoop for the fabric weight. No thumbscrew means less painful hooping for those with carpal tunnel syndrome or arthritic hands.

No Thumbscrews, No Magnets, No Problems! *You must have a existing Durkee 9x9" Inner Hoop or add one below to your order for Brother Baby Lock 6-10 needle machines, PR600, PR620, PR650, PR655, PR1000, Babylock BMP, EMP, ENT10, BNT1

24x24cm, or 240x240mm Freedom Ring is Here!

From the time we first introduced our patented self-adjusting, self-tensioning Freedom Ring in March of 2013, the overwhelming question has been, "When are you going to have the 9 x 9 Freedom Ring?"

The 24cm x 24cm (9 x 9") Freedom Ring (FR) has arrived! Without a doubt, this has been the most highly anticipated product from Durkee to date. While the 9 x 9 has always been our most popular square fill-in-the-blank size hoop for all machines, it is BY FAR our best hoop for the Brother and Baby Lock 6 & 10 needle machines.

Currently Have A 9 x9 Durkee Hoop?
If you currently have a 9 x 9 Durkee Hoop, the Freedom Outer Ring is all you need.

Don't Have A 9 x9 Durkee Hoop?
If you do not currently have a Durkee 9 x 9 (24cm x 24cm) hoop you can order under Recommended Accessories below.
We will be introducing the new Freedom Ring hoop from Durkee Enterprises and will be demo how this new spring loaded works and how simple your embroidery sewing is going to improve.