Print ' N Stitch is a non-woven, dissolvable fabric stabilizer with a pressure-sensitive, semi-adhesive backing that can be printed on with your printer. Which is a lot of fancy talk for - you can print a design on this stuff, stick it on your fabric and create AMAZING templates for your hand embroidery! The best part about this? It washes completely away with cold water. Boom - that's it - no one will ever need to know that you ever used a template, and your hand embroidery will look outstanding. Here are the official details:

Print ' N Stitch is perfect for transferring designs for quilting, embroidery, punchneedle and other needle arts.

It's easy to use! Just follow these simple guidelines:

Print on the stabilizer side (the side that looks like fabric, not the paper-y side)
Remove the backing paper and stick to your template
Stitch your design
Trim away excess Print 'N Stitch
Soak in cold water to remove remainder
Store Print 'N Stitch flat
It is always a good idea to do a test first
Includes 25 sheets of 8.5" x 11" Adhesive Design Transfer Sheets.