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This all mechanical machine features gorgeous Swiss precision, perfect for all types of sewing.

Slender Free Arm
Drop Feed at the Turn of a Dial
Variable Stitch Width from 0-5mm
6-step Buttonhole
Bobbin Winder with Automatic Stop

BERNINA 1008: 17 stitches for sewing success
The BERNINA 1008 offers 17 different stitches, including a buttonhole and two decorative stitches. Thanks to this, and the ability to vary stitch length and width, you’ll be able to accomplish all your sewing tasks reliably and precisely. The BERNINA 1008 places different straight and zigzag stitches at your fingertips – a versatile basic configuration that makes it easy for beginners, yet offers everything they could need for sewing, hemming, mending or decorative embellishment. The BERNINA 1008 also impresses with its durability and versatility, ensuring that you’ll enjoy your sewing machine for years to come. Last but not least, using a mechanical machine helps you develop an unmistakeable sixth sense for sewing, as you control all the sewing variables – all of which makes the straightforward, easy-to-handle, versatile BERNINA 1008 the perfect foundation for expanding your skills.

Variable stitch length and width
The BERNINA 1008 lets you alter stitch width and length in order to adapt the machine’s stitches to your sewing project. The 1008’s stitch width can be adjusted in five different steps via the control dial. Stitch length is infinitely variable with the aid of its own control, and the needle position can easily be selected by simply turning a knob. In this way, the BERNINA 1008 permits a wide range of sewing parameters allowing for ideal adjustment to the fabric you are sewing or to the effect you wish to achieve. The 1008 therefore offers all the advantages of a mechanical sewing machine – state-of-the-art solid construction, ease of operation, clear stitch choice and stitch variation: a versatile mechanical sewing machine covering a multiplicity of uses, designed to bring out your creativity when you sew.

Straightforward darning and free-motion sewing
Thanks to its exceptional ease of use right down to the details, the BERNINA 1008 also shines at mending and free-motion stitching. Its feed-dog can be lowered by simply turning the appropriate control dial, quickly changing the 1008 to free-motion stitching mode. This allows you to guide the fabric freely according to your fancy, and to give your stitching whatever shape you wish. The feed-dog drop feature is particularly useful when sewing outlines, appliqués or decorative seams, or when reinforcing edges: here, the free-motion functionality of the BERNINA 1008 gives you full control over the sewing direction – ideal for sewing over pre-marked lines or outlines – as well as giving you a free hand with design. Moreover, the BERNINA 1008’s feed-dog can be reactivated just as quickly and easily with a simple turn of the control dial once you’re ready to go back to automatic feed.
  • US Warranty 90 Days labor on defects in materials and workmanship.
  • Non-US Warranty: 30 days parts and labor
Included Accessories
B1008, 5 Presser Feet:
 One Shank + 5 Snap-on Soles
 Reverse Pattern Sole #1
 Overlock Sole #2
 Buttonhole Sole #3
 Zipper Sole #4
 Blindstitch Sole #5

Additional Accessories:
 Instruction Manual
 Power Cord
 Basic Foot Control
 Soft Cover
 Accessory Box
 1 Pkg. Asst. Needles
 Torx Screwdriver (Gray)
 Small Screwdriver (Red)
 Bulb Holder
 Oiler
 5 Bobbins
 Seam Ripper
 Lint Brush
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icon Bernina 1008 and accessories

icon Bernina B1008 Trade In 17 Stitch Last Mechanical Sewing Machine, Buttonhole, Variable Width and Length, Drop Feed for Free Motion Work, 5 Presser Feet

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icon Stitch Selection Lever

icon Stitch Width Dial

icon Stitch Length Lever and Reverse Stitch