Hand-held Cutter
The 1000FR is a light 110V, versatile hand-held cutter that is easy to use. The ergonomically designed body/handle make it a pleasure to use. High quality components ensure that you can count on the 1000FR for your daily low ply cutting tasks.

Tight Radius Cutting
The advantage of a small blade vs. a larger blade is improved maneuverability, and ability to cut a tight radius corner. The 1000FR will cut a single ply to multiple ply’s up to ¼” thick.

  • Double insulated high torque motor
  • Manual lubrication
  • 1/4” cutting capacity
  • 2” blade size
  • Extra-strong cast aluminum head

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icon The 1000FR is supplied with everything needed to get started including an instruction manual, spare blade, stone, grease, coupling and carbon brushes.

icon The 1000FR cuts like a champ with a powerful AC motor that accommodates cutting up to 1/4” of material.

icon Reduces the amount of sharpening, lengthening the life of the blade, and reduces pull on the fabric.

icon The lightweight aluminum footplate is extra thin to allow for a precise and smooth cutting experience.

icon An adjustable front knife guard ensures the operator's safety.

icon The 1000FR comes equipped with a versatile 6-sided blade, which has a better cutting edge for a wide variety of fabrics.

icon Nothing makes cutting fabric easier than a sharp blade. The 1000FR's built-in sharpener guarantees a sharp edge on every cut.

icon Power activation is integrated into the body of the cutter for safe and easy operation - left and right hand friendly.