• Adjustable arm provides direct lighting to ironing surface
  • Halogen light bulb included
  • Timer automatically shuts off after the 15 or 30 minute setting
  • Best installed with stowaway in-wall ironing board
  • Light kit-etl listed
Let your light shine with the stowaway accessory light kit, a specialty light kit designed for household essential's stowaway in-wall ironing board. this light kit features focused light so you can see exactly what you are doing when you iron. a grounded outlet in the light kit provides a safe, easy accessible place to plug your iron in, so you never have to worry about cord length. moreover, your stowaway installation location won't be limited by the location of your wall outlets. this light kit also features an additional safety feature: timer settings—15 and 30 minutes. this built-in timer helps protect your home and family as it automatically turns off the power to your iron after a set time, so you never have to worry about leaving the iron on again. the light kit installs in the upper right hand corner of the stowaway cabinet and must be installed by a certified electrician. this accessory is just one of the many ways that household essentials continues to work for you.