Luxurious Batting 80% FINE COTTON 20% SUPERWASH WOOL

Hand selected to complement embroidery machine quilting.
Perfect for the shortE frame system.

Quilts up to 4” apart
Resin bonded
Breaths naturally
Queen Size: 96” x 108”
NOTES: COTTON blended with WOOL is a relatively new concept for quilting projects today. You will find that is has its own unique characteristic and performance. It is recommended that you make a few samples to learn what settings work best with your machine to achieve your desired result. Above all, COTTON and WOOL are natural fibers and are highly renewable and more environmentally friendly than most manmade fibers.

Why Use Cotton/Wool Blend?

This blended Cotton and Wool batting is great for machine and hand quilting.
The addition of Wool creates beautiful drape and softness without compromising the stability of the batting.
Great for an everyday use quilt or an Heirloom project.
This Cotton/Wool blend resists bunching and fiber migration.
Adding Wool creates more loft, which will remain in the project giving greater detail to the stitching pattern.
Can be quilted up to 4” apart while allowing the batting to remain stable in completed projects.
Great for wall-hangings where stitch pattern visibility is desirable.
Since the cotton in this batting is unbleached, it is recommended that this batting be used with medium to dark fabrics to avoid shadowing through light fabric. Simply test your fabrics with the batting between the layers to ensure your satisfaction.