Paula Reid has quilted over 1400 quilts (almost all queen and king size!) on her domestic machine since she started as a sewing novice in 1990. She has lots of easy to follow tips and tricks to share about how you can do this at home, too! This revised and expanded edition includes all of the educational material from the original Fluff & Stuff DVD, plus over thirty minutes of brand new material - including a
demonstration on machine tension settings that will solve that mystery once and for all! Watch as Paula walks you through selection of batting needles and thread, shows you how to pin baste and how she fluffs and stuffs large quilts through a home machine. Then stay tuned as she shows you her pretty-much-invincible method of starting and stopping straight stitching and then goes on to teach you free motion, both stenciled and freehand.

Fluff & Stuff 2nd Edition is an entire quilt course that you can take at home and learn at your own pace. Got a quilt top or two (or ten!) ready to be quilted? Let's get to it!
Is that stack of quilt tops getting higher and higher? Have you always wanted to take your machine quilting skills beyond the “ditch”? Do you want to learn free motion quilting? Have you seen Paula demonstrating machine quilting on Simply Quilts and wished the episode was longer?

Now you can learn the basics and more in your home as Paula walks you through batting choices, the types of needles and thread, how to pin baste correctly, choosing stencils, quilting, and moving those BIG quilts through a standard size home sewing machine.

Paula quilts approximately 100 quilts a year for her customers. About 75% of those quilts are at least double bed size. She uses her Fluff & Stuff method to move those big quilts through the machine and she will show you how to start Fluffing & Stuffing too!

DVD is viewable on both a DVD player and a computer.
The bonus material is accessed by placing the DVD in your computer. It includes the following PDF-format material:

Tools of the Trade: Batting
Tools of the Trade: Needles
Tools of the Trade: Thread

Paula Reid: Fluff & Stuff Machine Quilting Technique Video. Quilting Artist Paula Reid demonstrates her "Fluff & Stuff" technique for moving large quilts through a domestic sewing machine. This is a preview clip of her upcoming revised "Fluff & Stuff" machine quilting video.

Customer Comments:
Linette Stevenson
2 months ago

Thanks for the video. Have not seen the Batt Scooters until today. Might have to try them out.
Alice Lawson
5 months ago

Great video. That's the way I have learned to quilt a big quilt but I do use gloves. I'll have to see if I can find some of those pads. Actually I have some drawer lining material that's sort of tacky and that would probably work.
Helen Bowie
8 months ago

This looks much easier than rolling the quilt as it does not work. Thanks for the video.
8 months ago

What are those pads called that you use to grip the fabric? I couldn't quite catch it. Great video, by the way.
Theresa Greenhalgh-Leonard
1 year ago

If you ever have a chance to attend one of Paula Reid's Seminars, take that leap.....I did! It was a wonderful weekend at the Mulqueen Fabric and Sewing Center in Mesa, AZ. I learned so many techniques and Paula's methods added to my tool box.
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