• CONVERTIBLE FREE MOTION QUILT FOR 9900, and Skyline S5 S7 9MM stitch width zig zag machines.

    The set includes three different feet that attach to the holder with a screw for maximum sturdiness and safety. Also includes a darning plate. Feet included in the package are: Closed Toe Foot for general use with lace and catchable fabrics, Open Toe Foot for general use and extra visibility, and Clear View Foot for uneven surfaces and evenly spaced quilting. (For 9mm and 7mm high shank)

    This set is an update on the standard free motion foot. It consists of the foot holder and three interchangeable feet offering more convenience, improved operation and added value.

    The design of the foot holder offers a quieter more stable movement and means that no lever is placed over the needle clamp screw as with the standard free motion foot. Movement is linked solely with the presser foot bar rather than the needle bar resulting in a quieter operation at higher speeds. In addition, the fabric layers can be moved more easily as there is no delay between ascent of the needle and that of the foot after each stitch.

    The clearance between the foot and the fabric can now be adjusted with the top screw so that the foot simply skims the surface without impairment.

    The three interchangeable feet attach to the holder with a screw for maximum sturdiness and safety. They consist of a closed-toe foot, an open-toe foot and a clear view foot which is ideal for uneven surfaces and evenly spaced quilting. The clear view foot is also designed with 1/8" markings for even spacing when "Echo Quilting" eliminating the need to mark out your fabric beforehand.

    Free Motion Quilt Foot Set, Convertible - Using the Closed Toe Foot. Learn how to use the Closed Toe Foot to do a variett of free motion stitching techniques.


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Convertible Freemotion Quilting Foot Set | Part Number : 202146001
This accessory works with the following models: 9900, Skyline S5 S&, MC8900, MC8200
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icon The ruler foot shown on right is optional and included with the Janome 767434005 set under Recommended Accessories.

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