The Revlon RVSP3501B2 Moisture Stay Quick Heat Paraffin Bath is useful in symptomatic relief of pain caused by arthritis, bursitis and chronic joint inflammation. It provides thermal relief using a full range of heat comfort levels. The heat softened wax removes dry surface skin and smoothes and softens skin on hands, elbows and feet. For faster relief and results the bath gently melts wax in 60 minutes and the indicator light gently glows when the unit is operating. Included is 3 pounds of wax, 2 thermal mitts and 30 glove liners.

  • Provides thermal pain relief
  • Offers full range of heat comfort levels
  • Paraffin wax smoothes and softens skin
  • Melts wax in 60 minutes
  • Includes 3 lbs. of wax, 2 thermal mitts, and 30 glove liners

    Warranty:1-year limited warranty