These designs started out as a quilt, and then were transformed into an amazing project. These birds are created using a beautiful hand-stitched look. The background quilt stitches are truly unique. They resemble a contour map with varying widths and stitch lengths. The blocks come in different shapes and can easily be turned into a quilt, or combined with other Anita Goodesign collections like Birds of a Feather. The project is what turned these designs into something truly unique. We used the rectangle designs as the back of the organizer, with pockets on the front that we created using custom designed blocks. The organizer can be used for sewing notions, a first aid kit, school supplies, and anything else that you need to carry. You are going to love this project!
32 different Mix and Match designs in 5 sizes each (hoop sizes range from 5″ x 7″ to 9.5″ x 14″). Also includes 2 additional blocks to complete your organizer.