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When it comes to appliquéing with a narrow satin-stitch (up to 2 mm), Appliqué foot # 23 is the expert: its sophisticated design allows the fabric to feed easily over the stitches, even in the case of very dense rows of stitching.

A cutout on the front of the presser foot will hold a narrow couching thread, making for trouble-free sewing of satin-stitching with cording. With its wide thread channel under the sole, Appliqué foot # 23 is also ideal for sewing mini-piping, or for traditional sewing techniques.

And since Appliqué foot # 23 features a clear sole, you’ll have a perfect view of the stitch area at all times – a decisive advantage, especially when following outlines and corners. In the 24th section of the BERNINA presser-feet online tutorial we'll present you the appliqué foot no. 23. The appliqué foot is ideal for appliquéing with narrow satin stitching of up to 2mm width. This is particularly used in children and infant clothing, heirloom stitching, and quilting. The presser foot is shorter than most other feet which makes it the ideal choice for following outlines, curves and corners. The widening indentation allows smooth feeding of compact stitching. The clear sole gives a good view of the stitching area

BERNINA presser feet -- Appliqué foot #23. Tutorial: how to use the BERNINA appliqué foot no. 23. Sew on appliqués very easily, just like a pro: Our video tutorial shows you how to achieve perfect appliqués in no time at all with the appliqué foot no. 23. Here, you will find out how to attach the appliqué foot no. 23, select stitch pattern and needle combination and sew on the required appliqués -- entirely without contraction or fraying, with buttonhole seams, zigzag stitch or Parisian stitch. You can thus implement your creative ideas for clothing, home decorations and much more, entirely in accordance with your own requirements and have your work under control at all times thanks to the transparent sole. The video instructions explain how you can ensure impeccable results and provide many useful tips for the handling of your sewing piece. Your appliqués will thus definitely be successful, with precise edges and corners.
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