What makes a great garment steamer?

  • First you start with a solid long life outer casing; then you add a one gallon water capacity, enough for hours of continuous use.

  • Then you add standard features including an automatic shutoff, power indicator light, easy roll casters and a brush on the steam head to help eliminate wrinkles faster, and of course, Reliable™'s trusted reputation for building quality, long lasting equipment. The end result the VIVIO 150GC steamer.

  • Replacement parts available through Reliable™.
  • On/Off Switch

    Reliable Warranty Information (.PDF)
  • US Warranty Lifetime Boiler Warranty
  • Non-US Warranty: 30 days parts and labor
  • Professional quality components – built to last
    Every Reliable™ Steamer is equipped with a 1300W heavy-duty brass element to ensure long life, and quick heat up (60 seconds).

  • Our water bottle doesn’t fall off
    The unique wrap-around design of the VIVIO 150GC ensures that the bottle will not fall off while it is being moved.

  • Metal steam head with wood handle
    Our metal steam head with head handle will take all the punishment you can give it. It is made to last the life of the steamer.

  • Thermal-fuse and auto shut-off for your protection
    In case the steamer is left on without water, a thermal fuse will protect the element and shut off automatically.

  • One-gallon bottle capacity – with anti-spill cap
    A full one-gallon of water in each bottle, (enough for hours of continuous use) plus an anti-spill cap to make sure there is no mess when filling up.

  • Easy-roll casters
    Enjoy 360-degree movement with our lint resistant casters.

    Product Brochure - PDF

    Technical Specifications
  • Model: VIVIO 150GC
  • Electrical: 110V
  • Water capacity: 1 Gallon
  • Automatic shutoff: Standard
  • Power indicator light: Standard
  • Anti-spillage device: Spring loaded mechanism
  • Steam head: Metal head with wood handle
  • Weight: 13 Lbs (5.9 kg)
Included Accessories
  • Metal Head
  • Wood Handle
Other Images

icon Metal steam head

icon 1300W brass element

icon Anti-spill cap

icon Brass fittings

icon Heavy-duty casters

icon Thermal fuse