What makes a great garment steamer?

  • First you start with a solid long life outer casing; then you add a one gallon water capacity, enough for hours of continuous use.

  • Then you add standard features including an automatic shutoff, power indicator light, easy roll casters and a brush on the steam head to help eliminate wrinkles faster, and of course, Reliable™'s trusted reputation for building quality, long lasting equipment. The end result the VIVIO 150GC steamer.

  • Replacement parts available through Reliable™.
  • On/Off Switch

    Reliable Warranty Information (.PDF)
  • US Warranty Lifetime Boiler Warranty
  • Non-US Warranty: 30 days parts and labor
Professional quality components – built to last
  • Every Reliable™ Steamer is equipped with a 1300W heavy-duty brass element to ensure long life, and quick heat up (60 seconds).

    Our water bottle doesn’t fall off
  • The unique wrap-around design of the VIVIO 150GC ensures that the bottle will not fall off while it is being moved.

    Metal steam head with wood handle
  • Our metal steam head with head handle will take all the punishment you can give it. It is made to last the life of the steamer.

    Thermal-fuse and auto shut-off for your protection
  • In case the steamer is left on without water, a thermal fuse will protect the element and shut off automatically.

    One-gallon bottle capacity – with anti-spill cap
  • A full one-gallon of water in each bottle, (enough for hours of continuous use) plus an anti-spill cap to make sure there is no mess when filling up.

    Easy-roll casters
  • Enjoy 360-degree movement with our lint resistant casters.

    Product Brochure - PDF

    Technical Specifications
  • Model: VIVIO 150GC
  • Electrical: 110V
  • Water capacity: 1 Gallon
  • Automatic shutoff: Standard
  • Power indicator light: Standard
  • Anti-spillage device: Spring loaded mechanism
  • Steam head: Metal head with wood handle
  • Weight: 13 Lbs (5.9 kg)
Included Accessories
  • Metal Head
  • Wood Handle
Other Images

icon Metal steam head

icon 1300W brass element

icon Anti-spill cap

icon Brass fittings

icon Heavy-duty casters

icon Thermal fuse