• A multi-functional sliding gauge for easy marking. Use for spacing and marking buttonholes, seam allowances, as a hem gauge, circle compass and T-gauge.

    The 5-in-1 Sliding Gauge and it is the Swiss Army Knife® of measuring tools. Quilting, fashion, home decor, heirloom all start with making a measurement. Being able to precisely measure and place our hems, seams, pin tucks, button holes, appliqué, circles or whatever else will ensure that your creative inspiration is achieved. Close only counts in horse shoes. If you want it perfect (and we do), the 5-in-1 is the tool of choice.

    Keep this gauge handy for sewing and quilting tasks, such as:
    Space and place buttonholes and buttons accurately
    Measure and mark seam allowances with adjustable 1/8" notched increments
    Get straight and even hem measurements every time
    Create perfect circles with the circle compass feature
    Measure right angles precisely with the T-gauge
    The 5-in-1 Sliding Gauge takes the place of these tools:
    "T" gauge
    Hem gauge
    Circle compass
    Buttonhole spacer
    Seam allowance gauge

    Keep a 5-in-1 Sliding Gauge at your cutting table, near your sewing machine, and in your class tote

    The top "T" of the tool is marked in 1/4" increments for easy measuring

    Each side of the gauge is marked from 0 to 6" and 0 to 11" - but from opposite directions so you never need to turn the gauge to start measuring

    The width of the gauge is exactly 5/8", perfect for checking seams when sewing clothes

    The width of each column is precisely 1/4", super helpful for measuring quilt seams

    Quickly measure and mark seam allowances with adjustable 1/8" notched increments. Replaces seam allowance gauge

    Create perfect circles from 2" to 22" in diameter, replaces circle compass

    Get straight and even hem measurements every time, replaces hem gauge

    Precisely measure right angles, replaces "T" gauge

    Accurately space button holes, replaces buttonhole spacer