Creative Feet Stick and Tear Stabilizer SIA Stick It All 8.5 in x 60 ft Roll

Float Your Fabric!

Adheres to the back of our frames to hold the fabric in place.
Made with an adhesive that is light, yet stronger than others.
Made of polyester fabric, keeps needle cool reducing gumming.
Can be patched multiple times without problems.
Is permanent, so the embroidery looks great even after washings.

Non-Gumming, Stick and Tear (SIA & Stick-it-All) is a Pressure sensitive adhesive backed tear-away stabilizer that sticks to the back of our embroidery frames, allowing you to attach your fabric to it rather than hooping your fabric within 2 hoop frames. Stick and Tear is required to hold the fabric in place on our hoops preventing distortion and shifting of the fabric. It is available in over several widths, to closely fit your hoop. In some cases no other stabilizer is required such as on caps, purses, and heavy weight fabrics.

If you don't want any stabilizer on the back of your embroidery when done, then you will want our Stick and Rinse Stabilizer!

If you have the Creative Feet Octi-Hoops, you will use 12" for the widest frame and the 8.5" for the smallest.