Whistlepig Creek Productions founder Sue Marsh is known for her hand-drawn illustrations that reflect a sense of youthfulness, whimsy and fun. She has been creating and sketching characters since 1997 and recently partnered with RJR Fabrics to give her characters new life. Her fun, lighthearted collections of novelty prints appeal to both kids and the young-at-heart! Her debut Aurifil thread collection, Brilliant, is available in both large and small boxes and coordinates particularly well with Geekery (now in stores) and Monster Trucks (presenting at Fall Quilt Market).

Large Spool Option Available Here.

Brilliant by Sue Marsh, 50wt Cotton,10 Small Spools.

Colors included: 2120 - 1104 - 2250 - 2288 - 2540 - 5017 - 2870 - 5005 - 1320 - 2735.