These American made 100% thick wool mats really hold the heat of your iron because of their dense construction — it's like pressing from both sides of the mat at one time!

By popular demand, The Decorating Diva now has wool pressing mats in a larger size. This 14" by 24" BY ½" thick, pressing mat is large enough for your 12" quilt blocks and extra-large embroideries. The American made 100% wool composition hold the heat of your iron. It's like pressing from both sides at once! by Pam Damour

Pam’s Magic and Mega Pressing Mats are made of 100% wool here in the USA and creates a perfect pressing surface for your embroideries, quilt blocks, garments and more! Use with or without steam for a professional result. Place it near your sewing machine top save trips to the ironing board.

Mats comes in 4 other sizes for your convenience.

The Magic Pressing Mat 12″ X 18″ X 1/2″
The Mega Pressing Mat 14″ X 24″ X 1/2″
The Mini Pressing Mat 9″ x 12″
The Skinny Pressing Mat 4″ x 24″

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