1 Left! THE Dream Motion PRO Software ‡ for Brother includes many advanced features over your original Dream Motion Software that will help you achieve a more professional finish to your quilting projects. Gain creative power right at your fingertips with the extensive Patterns Library, offering you over 200 patterns from which to choose. The user-friendly screen of your Dream Quilter machine will help you precisely align your pattern in relation to your quilt with seven different methods when you use the Precise Placement Methods functionality. Utilize the PantoStacker to create single rows, alternating staggered double rows over your entire quilt. If you upgrade to the Gold Card Access, you’ll be awarded different levels of adjustments. Need flexibility? There are numerous options for achieving optimum pattern design results. PatternCAD will let you do almost everything you can imagine. If you want to design an entire quilt layout, there are options for you in the QuiltCAD area of this software. Working in conjunction with PatternCAD, importing your photos and turning them into stunning quilts. There are so many amazing features in THE Dream Motion PRO. Upgrade your software today!

Quilting Automation Software for your DQLT15X
Unlock advanced features‡
Have more control of your quilt designs

Brother SAQCDMPRO Software Support.
Please Email Brother HERE for Embroidery Software Support or call 1-877-BROTHER (877-276-8437) M-F at 9am to 6pm Eastern Time. They are experiencing an unusually high volume of customer contacts. Know that their team members are at your side and thank you for your patience as you may experience increased response times of 1 to 3 business days.