Spot Gun included

AlbaChem Venta Systems provide strong vacuum suction to exhaust solvent fumes. Brisk air movement dries the fabric quickly - aiding in the spot cleaning process. Work volume and production space will dictate which system will best serve your needs.

Complete spot cleaning station in 2 square feet of space. Sleeve shaped cleaning arm designed for cleaning all types of apparel.

Sturdy steel housing and legs. Most powerful suction to speed drying and remove solvent fumes. Support Pole with Albatross Gun Reel (included) reduces operator fatigue.

• Perfect for volume screen printers, apparel manufacturers, alteration departments
and other medium to heavy duty users.

• Sold in packages with an Expert® Cleaning Gun (optional).

• Made in Italy

Item no. 70-24 110-20V, 60Hz
Item no. 70-23 220-40V, 50Hz