RazorEdge™ blades provide unmatched sharpness for cutting through multiple layers of heavy fabric.

Our RazorEdge™ Shears make it easy to cut through multiple layers of heavy material cleanly and quickly. Hardened stainless-steel blades feature a specially ground edge for maximum sharpness, tested to cut all the way to the tip — essential for anyone who cuts fabric. An ergonomically sculpted handle provides excellent cutting control, and a bent handle design keeps materials flat for precise cuts every time.
Ideal for cutting a wide variety of materials including denim, leather and multiple layers of fabric
Blades ground to a razor edge cut through heavy material with less effort
Hardened, stainless-steel blades provide lasting durability
Longer blades speed cutting
Ergonomic handle is sculpted to fit your hand, maximizing cutting control and sensitivity
Bent handle design keeps material flat for mistake-free cutting