This dry cleaning system is formulated to DEEP CLEAN your entire carpet or spot clean stubborn stains - all without soaking your carpet. The SEBO duo Cleaning System is quick, easy and highly effective.

Extend the life of your carpets by not only vacuuming with your regular vacuum cleaner, but also cleaning them regularly with Duo. Owning your own system is convenient and cost effective. Your carpets get cleaned when YOU want them cleaned and without having to let strangers into your home.

The GAF allergy research center in Germany found in a long term test that, six months after a single cleaning with duo-P, seven out of ten carpets remained free of dust mite allergens. And because this is a DRY cleaning process, the SEBO duo-P Cleaning Powder WILL NOT PROMOTE THE GROWTH OF MOLD AND FUNGUS in your carpet and pad that wet extraction systems may cause. By reducing dust mite allergens, pet allergens, bacteria and mold spores, the SEBO duo-P Cleaning Powder helps maintain indoor air quality for a healthier home.

HOW IT WORKS: The SEBO duo-P Cleaning Powder is made up of granules that are moistened with detergent and is environmentally friendly and safe to use. When the granules are worked into the carpet fiber, soil and stains are lifted out of the carpet by the duo-P powder. The duo Brush Machine lifts the carpet pile ensuring all surfaces of the fiber are cleaned, leaving your carpet revived and softer. After vacuuming, your carpet is clean, dry and ready for use. An added advantage in using duo-P Cleaning Powder on your carpet is that once applied, a built-in fiber protector will help to protect against future damage from soiling or staining.

The advantages of using the SEBO duo Cleaning System:
  • No detergent residue
  • No shrinking or mildew
  • Easy to clean stairs
  • No need to move furniture
  • Alleviates house dust allergies
  • Cleans most types of carpet
  • Easy spot-cleaning
  • Brush Machine Only, no vacuum! Extra Duo-P Cleaning Powder sold separately.

    SEBO's easy-to-use duo Cleaning System effectively cleans large or small carpeted areas and removes stubborn stains from upholstery and carpets. The duo-P Powder and Brush Machine can easily clean a house full of carpeting! This do-it-yourself system keeps strangers out of your home, saves money, and avoids potential carpet damage caused by most wet cleaning methods. The duo Daisy and Hand Brush quickly clean high-traffic areas and stairs.
  • US Warranty 5 year manufacturer warranty
  • Non-US Warranty: 30 days parts and labor
The duo Cleaning System consists of the following four components, which are all sold separately:
The duo-P Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning Powder.
The duo Brush Machine for cleaning large carpeted areas.
The duo Daisy Brush for cleaning small to medium-size carpeted areas, like hallways.
The duo Hand Brush for cleaning spots, stairs and hard-to-reach areas.
The duo Brush Machine
SEBO's duo Brush Machine cleans large carpeted areas and features two spinning brushes that open the carpet pile, enabling the duo-P Powder to clean each fiber. Weighing only 11 pounds, it is lightweight and easy to use. And with a brush path width of 12
Advantages of using the duo System:
Do-it-yourself carpet cleaning saves money and time and keeps strangers out of your home.
Avoids potential damage caused by most wet cleaning methods.
Almost immediate use of the carpet or upholstery.
Eliminates dust mite allergens.
No need to move furniture and easily cleans stairs.
No carpet shrinking or mildew.
No detergent residue.
A built-in fiber protector helps to protect against future stains and soil.
SEBO duo-P Cleaning Powder (sold separately) Cleans Carpet and Upholstery
This amazing powder cleans carpets or upholstery to like new condition and removes even the most stubborn stains! It is made of polyurethane granules moistened with a cleaner and is environmentally friendly and safe to use. And, unlike other cleaning powd

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