Brother SAQFCSRKIT Top Plate Carriage Platform, Front & Back Handles
Quick Overview:
• Solid metal construction
• Smooth gliding on a plastic track
• Precise and accurate movement for small, intricate stitching
• Soft comfort grip handles
• Slots for additional quilting accessories and notions
• Base clamps to hold your sewing machine in place

THE Dream Fabric Frame: SureStitch™ Stitch Regulator
Enjoy SureStitch™ Stitch Regulator with fingertip control thanks to THE Dream Fabric Frame by Brother. Angela Wolf, host of PBS' It's Sew Easy, shows how to easily access multi-function foot control features.

SureStitch is both a stitch regulator and constant stitch speed control. In Stitch Regulation mode, it takes advantage of your machine's full range of speeds. As you speed up and slow down, so will your machine, keeping all of your stitches the same length. When used as a speed control, the SureStitch lets you adjust the speed of your sewing machine with the push of a simple button.

The SureStitch comes with constant contact sensor design for superior stitch accuracy and is cross compatible with multiple machines and quilting frames. The digital speed display, tie-off button, on/off switch, and stitch speed button +/- give you precise control at your fingertips.

SureStitch Stitch regulator is the easiest way to control your stitching when using a quilting machine on a frame. It matches the sewing machines speed to your movements to keep your stitches at a consistent length.
  • US Warranty 1 year limited warranty on defects in materials and workmanship.
  • Non-US Warranty: 30 days parts and labor
Product Description
Upgrade to the Professional Series Carriage! The smooth, enhanced motion makes quilting easier.

Sure Stitch Product Features:
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icon Sure Stitch Regulation controls for beautifully consistent stitches.