EcoSteamVac: steam cleaner and vacuum cleaner with water filter

Ideal for complete in-depth cleaning of your home.

The hygienic action of the steam combined with the effective suction with water filtration ensures in-depth cleaning of all surfaces, removing dust for longer and neutralizing dust mites, germs and bacteria while delivering cleaner air. When used as a steam cleaner, EcoSteamVac steam cleans floors and all washable surfaces; as a vacuum cleaner it collects dry dirt and liquids. A complete product, particularly suitable for a home with children or pets.

Total hygiene: kills and removes 99.99% of germs, bacteria and viruses* without detergents.
EcoSteamVac generates, in an aluminium boiler, steam that is dry, constant and powerful with up to 75 psig of pressure. It's the most natural resource you can use to take care of your home while respecting the environment. The steam is simply water brought to a high temperature that, thanks to the power with which it's delivered, can clean in-depth and act on even the most stubborn dirt. Cleaning power with deep yet delicate action. No cleaning products or extra detergents: savings for you, protection for the environment.

The air at home is cleaner with water filter technology.
Water is the best medium for trapping dust, dust mites and pollen, purifying the air you breathe. The water filter generates a vortex inside the dirt collector: the centrifugal force pushes the dirt to the bottom of the collector and water traps it, preventing it from scattering and recirculating in the air. The Hepa filter, added to the water filtration system which allows you to vacuum dry dirt and liquids, captures even the smallest particles of dust for cleaner and healthier air.

The best choice for allergy sufferers.
The effectiveness of the steam, coupled with water filtration and washable Hepa filter, makes EcoSteamVac the ideal product for allergy sufferers. The steam action is able to destroy the dust mites with heat, the suction action with high filtration traps allergens, releasing cleaner air.

The efficacy of EcoSteamVac in eliminating dust mites and allergens has been certified with the "seal of approval" of the prestigious British Allergy Foundation.

Effective on all floors, bathroom fixtures, windows, sofas, tiles and even on clothes.
The EcoSteamVac range is provided with features and accessories designed for the easy cleaning of all the surfaces of the home: floors, even the most delicate floors, tile grouting, taps and bathroom fixtures, hobs and extractor hood filters, mattresses, pillows and sofas, windows and mirrors, and even curtains and clothes.

The various steam and vacuum adjustments allow quick and easy use, selecting the function (steam, vacuum, or both) that best fits your cleaning needs.

Made in Italy quality.
EcoSteamVac is a product designed in Italy and assembled at the Polti factory located in the province of Como. A product with an Italian heart, it encompasses all the know-how and skills of a team focused on quality and care at all stages of the production process.

  • US Warranty 1 year parts, 90 days labor on defects in materials and workmanship.
  • Non-US Warranty: 30 days parts and labor
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icon THE EFFECTIVENESS OF WATER FILTRATION The water filter generates a vortex inside the dirt collector: the centrifugal force pushes the dirt to the bottom of the collector and water traps it, preventing it from scattering and recirculating in the air. The air in the house is cleaner, without using chemical detergents.

icon KILLS 99.99% OF BACTERIA, FUNGI AND MOULD With EcoSteamVac Dual, 99.99% of all the micro-organisms that infest your home and are possible sources of illness or allergies are eliminated.

icon SAFETY CAP Technology at the service of safety. The patented Vaporetto safety cap does not unscrew if there is even minimal residual pressure inside the boiler, preventing accidents.

icon VACUUM SOLIDS AND LIQUIDS Removing crumbs is child's play, but when what gets spilled is a liquid, it's not so simple. But thanks to Vaporetto Lecoaspira, you can quickly and easily clean the floor.

icon TRULY CLEAN FLOORS AND CARPETS The combined action of the water filter vacuum, which captures impurities, and the hygienic power of steam guarantee results without comparison for floors and carpets.

icon NEW LIFE TO MATTRESSES With Vaporetto EcoSteamVac Dual, you can refresh the mattresses in your house. First use the vacuum function to remove dust, then the steam function to kill germs and dust mites, and then the vacuum function again to definitively eliminate dirt and micro-organisms.

icon EFFECTIVE EVEN ON TILE GROUTING Using the steam concentrator on its own or with the brush, tile grouting can be cleaned effectively, removing the dirt that gets stuck in these tiny spaces.

icon S.O.S. ALLERGIES: A PRODUCT THAT CAN HELP The effectiveness ECOSTEAMVAC DUAL offers in preventing allergic reactions is demonstrated by the BAF seal, awarded by the British Allergy Foundation, the prestigious British institution dedicated to the study of allergies. In addition, ECOSTEAMVAC DUAL is the system that deep cleans the entire house: the power of pressurised steam eliminates up to 99.99% of germs and bacteria.

icon HIGH ENERGY EFFICIENCY The special anti-limescale and anti-corrosion Extra AlP aluminium alloy boiler warms up in a very short time granting a remarkable energy saving.

icon 23 Piece Attachment Tools Included

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