This set contains 11 zippered bag designs. They're made completely in your hoop and are fully lined. There are no exposed seams inside and they're made in one hooping. THey're included with stippled and plain fronts. Included are 6 square & 5 rectangular bags.

The embroidery machine stitches in the zipper.

Cut optional front panels from cork fabric using a cutting machine.

There are 2 svg files for each size bag. (22 svgs)

You get 7 sizes of SVG tassel files too!
  • Actual design file dimens ions 4x4
  • 3.85"x3.89", 5x5
  • 4.96"x5.05" ,5x7
  • 4.96"x6.95"6x6
  • 6.02"x6.15", 6x10
  • 6.05"x10.16", 7x7
  • 6.96"x7.11"7x12
  • 6.96"x11.74",8x8
  • 7.67"x7.82",8x12
  • 7.69"x11.74"9.50"x9.50"
  • 9.25"x9.28",9.50"x14"
  • 9.24"x13.74"