18in Tuffet in a Day, Fusible Pattern with instructions and 4 inch button,
Can be made in three different styles: Shirred, Pieced and Whole Cloth.

The 18″ “Tuffet In A Day” Fusible Foundation Pattern guides you through the process of creating a tube-shaped tuffet cover that fits over an 18” tuffet form and is then gathered both top and bottom. The Tuffet in a Day Fusible Foundation Pattern includes the required unique 4” button to be covered with the fabric of your choice. The pattern and instructions will guide you through the process of creating your choice of three beautiful tuffet designs; they include the Pieced Tube Tuffet; the Whole Cloth Tube Tuffet or the Shirred Tube Tuffet. You can buy a tuffet form kit from Tuffet Source™ or for the DIY crafter, the instructions describe how to construct it yourself.
All you need to complete your first “Tuffet in a Day” is the TDFus1 product (which includes comprehensive instructions for all three designs), muslin, a kit with feet (either in kit form or already assembled) and the fabric of your choice. If you want to purchase bun feet separately, you can substitute the kit without feet for the kit with feet. After making your first tuffet with the TDFus1 product, the TDFus1-r product (no instructions included, the 4” button kit is included) is used to make additional beautiful “Tuffets in a Day”.

Our exclusive printed fusible interfacing is a full-size panel image of cut lines and sewing lines printed on fusible interfacing, designed by Sharyn. Included are two interfacing panels each containing four foundation patterns which are required to complete one tuffet. You cut out each interfacing panel and iron it onto muslin, then cut out all eight individual foundation pieces. The fusible interfacing acts as a guide for cutting and sewing foundation pieces for an 18” diameter tuffet.
Sharyn conceived this method over many years of teaching tuffet classes. Her search for ways to ease “piecing frustration” resulted in this easy-to-use product that speeds the way to success and a perfect fit.

The Printed Fusible Interfacing can be used to create:

18” diameter pieced tuffet
Fitted fabric tuffet
Shirred fabric tuffet
18″ Tuffet In A Day Foundation Pattern Instructions
Our eight-page tuffet instructions include step-by-step directions for tuffet making with the Printed Fusible Interfacing. Highlights include:

Detailed construction diagram
Color photos to make you confident during each phase of the process
Expert tips for success
Detailed supply list
On-line search tips for locating tuffet- making supplies
Included Accessories
Additional information
Weight 0.4 lbs
Dimensions 12 x 10 x .5 in
Instruction Booklet
Instruction booklet included
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