Mini project iron with silicone trivet. Great for sewing, quilting, and many craft projects. Compact and lightweight for carrying around. Weights only 2.2 lbs 10in x 5in x 6.5in 1000 Watts - Power of Full Size Iron

I'm the Oliso project iron, designed for sewing, quilting, and crafting. I have the power of a full sized iron in a compact and lightweight design, allowing me to fit next to your sewing machine or in your travel bag with ease. Features a universal voltage - easily switch between 120V & 240V, 8" 180 degree pivot cord - for full range of motion, precision tip - for tight spots and appliques, and a fabric selector that evenly distributes the ideal heat for synthetics, wool, and cotton. The diamond coated ceramic soleplate maintains even heat and effortlessly glides over fabrics. Heats up fast (1000 Watts). The resting side lets the hot soleplate safely rest during ironing and protects projects and the storage side easily snaps to the soleplate for easy transportation and storage. Includes a solemate silicone trivet. Three year warranty for peace of mind (information included with purchase).

  • Solemate™ : Made of flexible + high temperature silicone, allows you to place Me face down while ironing and quickly store away
  • Built-in hook: With power cord tether for easy storage
  • 1000w: Heats up in seconds.
  • Universal Voltage: Easily switch between 220/240V + 110/120V ideal for travel.
  • Diamond Coated Ceramic Solepate : Maintains even heat and effortlessly glides over fabrics.
  • 1-touch steam control: Gives you 2 steam settings: horizontal burst + vertical burst.
  • Ergonomic Design: Snugly fits into the palm of your hand and has weight-balanced for precision movement and minimal strain on your wrist.
    `180° Pivot Cord: Pivot for both right + left hand use and stays safely out of your way.
  • Detailer Tip: My super-sharp detailer gets into the smallest seams and corners you never thought possible.
  • Fabric Selector:Evenly distributes the ideal heat for synthetics + wool + cotton

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  • US Warranty 3 year warranty on defects in material and workmanship.
  • Extended US Warranty: Extended Warranty Available
  • Non-US Warranty: 30 days parts and labor
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