Each EverSewn Thread Set is a spectacular collection of curated colors. Set your embroidery projects up for success with these beautiful boxes of high quality embroidery thread!

The Blossom Thread Box incorporates our most popular warm and cool hues. This is a springy mix of flowery warm tones and cool-tones resonant of vegetation.

The Sunset Thread Box incorporates warm hues of yellow, coral, rose and purple, reminiscent of a beautiful sunset.

The Northern Lights Thread Box incorporates cool hues of green, blue and violet, just like the natural light display in the Earth's sky.

  • 60 assorted colors per box
  • Polyester embroidery thread
  • 40wt thread
  • 1,100 yds. per spool

Other Images

icon EverSewn ES-WARM60 Sunset Thread Box colors

icon EverSewn ES-COOL60 Northern Lights Thread Box

icon EverSewn ES-COOL60 Northern Lights Thread Box colors

icon EverSewn ES-TOPMIX60 Blossom Embroidery Thread Box

icon EverSewn ES-TOPMIX60 Blossom Thread Box colors