This machine is the same as older model Marie Osmond EM1, Bernina H79, Pfaff Smart, Family FY500 and FY100, Singer 4400 White, Viking EM10, JX2011.

White 4400 memory one million + stitches! Embroidery sewing area 4x4 with card port for White PES embroidery cards, .dst format USB port & Cable

*Note: Software Not compatible with 64 bit or Windows 7+ computers! Only Windows XP 32 Bit.

  • We're pleased to offer the White Embroidery Machine with exciting features.
  • White offers a dedicated embroidery machine that creates beautiful embroidered designs at a price that is truly affordable!
  • 100 delightful built-in designs plus 10 alphabet fonts are just the beginning in a long list of features.

  • Use White design cards to add to your design library or download designs and digitize them for added creativity.

  • It comes with White embroidery card slot, USB port, PC cable and digitizing software downloadable in .dst format.
  • Connect the machine to a computer to install software
  • Instructional/Tutorial CD
  • 100 built-in designs on machine and software
  • 10 alphabet fonts for adding lettering to your designs
  • Navigator software from Great Notions
  • Navigator software CD serial number must be registered online before it will work with your computer and the machine. Not for 64 bit computers, without new drivers being installed by your computer supplier.

  • Design software
  • Rotate, mirror, resize and combine designs
  • Save and print designs
  • Up to 600 stitches per minute embroidery speed
  • Adjust machine speed from your computer screen
  • View designs on your computer as they are being embroidered on the machine
  • Move forward and backward through the stitching.

    The White 4400 embroidery machine will give you the power to create embroidery right in your own home. Comes with 100 designs via a USB cable that you can access the world of designs available on the internet.

    Use included designs, discs or CD or those online
    View designs in real size, color and stitch mode or zoom-in
    Resize and rotate designs
    Trace design feature
    Step-through design without stitching
    Print out a thread color listing and estimate of usage
    Software on CD with 100 designs and 10 fonts
    Includes a USB cable
    Available online only
    Measures: 17.25" L x 9.25" W x 11" H
    Weighs 16.5-pounds
    Software requires Windows compatible (2000 or XP)
    Requires a PENTIUM III processor, 128MB of RAM, CD-ROM drive, 45MB minimum hard disk space, USB port, Microsoft compatible mouse, color standard VGA adapter.

    *Not compatible with 64 bit or Windows 7+ computers! Otherwise, Click HERE to try installing new drivers or get from your computer supplier, with no guarantee from AllBrands or White that the driver installation will work with your computer.
  • US Warranty 90 Days labor on defects in materials and workmanship.
  • Non-US Warranty: 30 days parts and labor
Manual for White 4400 Embroidery Machine

Shipping Weight (in pounds): 21.65
Product in Inches (L x W x H): 17.25 x 9.25 x 11.0

These exceptional features = More embroidery options!!

  • Information display on computer
  • Machine memory is over 1,000,000 stitches
  • Machine has first 100 designs already loaded in machine memory.
  • Built-in needle threader
  • Top load drop-in bobbin
  • Auto digitizer creates designs using clipart or original artwork. Transfer color blocks to the machine all at one time.
  • Error message system
  • Tools include: text, center, flip design, zoom, fit to window, 3D view.
  • Color sequence indicator
  • Internal memory over 1 million stitches
  • Design application opens, resizes, rotates designs, creates lettering and creates designs from artwork
  • Navigator software selects design, deletes or sends designs to internal memory and views designs from design cards. New drivers are required for running on Windows 7.
  • Software also converts most home formats to .dst commercial format before downloading to the machine
  • Open any popular home format, and commercial formats .dst and .exp
  • View in realistic 3D mode
  • View design in actual thread colors
  • View in actual hoop size
  • View needle position on computer screen as the embroidery
    design is sewn
  • View with or without measurement grid
  • View design in actual stitching size or zoom in
  • Add color to your design using the included thread palette
  • Stitch designs from 100 included designs
  • Stitch designs from memory cards or your computer
  • Track designs on screen during stitching
  • Navigate forward or backward in the design without stitching
  • Print color worksheet with thread color numbers as a
  • Estimate of thread usage included on color worksheet
  • Flip design direction horizontally or
  • Resize the design and the stitch count will adjust for the
    new size.
  • Center designs automatically to your hoop
  • Zoom in for extreme close-up view of your design
  • Add lettering in straight line or on an arc
  • Save to your computer or removable media, such as a floppy disk
  • Send directly to machine through USB connection
  • Move hoop with directional keys or in the White
  • Navigator software requires that new drivers installed on Windows 7
  • Trace Function lets you trace the perimeter of your
  • Control the speed using on-screen slider
  • Scroll through design by color segment
  • Lightweight and portable design
  • Create original designs from any popular artwork format or your scanned image.

Included Accessories
  • Needles
  • Thread ripper
  • Thread nippers
  • Large spool cap
  • Small spool cap
  • Screw driver tool
  • Oiler
  • Hoop 1
  • Verticle spool pin
  • bobbins 3
  • USB cable
  • Instruction manual
  • Installation/Tutorial CD
  • The list of accessories also is pictured on page 34 of the manual.

    Or, What's Included:

    • Instruction manual in English
    • Embroidery Foot
    • Embroidery Hoop (4.75x6.25)
    • Needles
    • Bobbins
    • Oil
    • T-Screwdriver
    • Seam ripper
    • Lint brush
    • Spool caps and pin
    • CD with software/designs/tutorial
    • Power cord (74")
    • USB cable (62")
    • template
    • thread nippers
    • 'thread guide' Software Requirements:
    Windows compatible (2000 or XP)
    • requires a PENTIUM III processor
    • 128MB of RAM
    • CD-ROM drive
    • 45MB minimum hard disk space
    • USB port
    • Microsoft compatible mouse
    • color standard VGA adapter
    Software on CD with 100 designs and 10 fonts
    USB cable
Other Images

icon You will love creating personalized embroidery designs with White 4400! It’s fun and easy!

icon 100 designs included

*The Marie Osmond Emotions EM1 machine is the same basic machine as the White 4400, except that the Emotions machine's card slot does not support any currently available embroidery cards on the market such as White has, and does not have an open source USB port in the most popular commercial .dst format like the White 4400, severly limiting your design import and software choices to proprietory OESD/Bernina-only subscriptions for 200 more designs. The Emotions EM1 only have 40 designs built in the machine whereas White 4400 starts with 100 built-in designs. The White 4400 works with Great Notions and Amazing Designs products such as Amazing Box, Smart Sizer, Lettering Pro, Magnificent Monograms, Fast Fills, etc. because it is in .dst format. The Emotions EM1 only works in a proprietory and exclusive version of Bernina .art format for downloads to the machine, whose designs are only available from OESD and only for the Emotions EM1. That is not open source.
What do the White 4400 on screen error messages mean?
Here are the White 4400 error message indications. John
~E02 Pending Operation
~E11 Needle is down (raise needle with handwheel)
~E12 Card is missing (re-insert memory card)
~E13 Thread break
~E14 Presser foot is up (lower presser foot)
~E15 Presser foot is down (raise presser foot)
~E16 Winder engaged (disengage bobbin winder)
~E17 Table movement error
~E22 Design too wide
~E23 Design too tall
~E25 -x limit reached
~E26 + xlimit reached
~E27 -y limit reached
~E28 +y limit reached
~E40 Main motor stalled
~E41 At beginning of design
~E42 At end of design
~E43 At first color change
~E44 At last color change
~E50 Bad pattern selection

Why do my needles break?
Hopefully the needles did not break or burr the plastic bobbin case or rotary hook/point underneath. If the needles broke hitting the plate or foot, they all can be polished off with Crocus emory cloth from the hardware store before use. The reason needles can break is if the top thread gets caught anywhere in the top thread path and jerks the needle into the foot, plate, hook or bobbin case. As long as the top thread stays in tension, has smooth consistent delivery, and doesn't get caught on the spool, spool pin, spool cap, thread guides, tension discs, needle bar, etc., it will not pull on the needle to break it. You can test by threading top thread through the take up lever while presser foot lever is up, then let presser foot lever down and pull manually on the thread to see that the thread is down between tension discs and has strong pull on tension at #4 or #5, and is not getting caught anywhere. If you are using cone threads on the horizontal spool pin, switch to a vertical thread stand to the right of the machine. Organ needles are also shorter than Schmetz needles(that can drag the bottom of the rotary hook to break needles). You can also check timing by removing needle plate and bobbin case to see of the rotary hook point is coming around the back of the needle ABOVE THE EYE to catch the bobbin thread. Please advise what you find.

Why does my thread break?
Diane, have any of your needles either hit something underneath or broken off while sewing? If there are any needle burrs on the plastic bobbin case rim, rotary hook, needle plate or foot, they have to be polished off with Crocus emory cloth from the hardware store before thread will stop catching on the burrs, shreading or breaking.
The other thing that can cause thread breakage is needles if they are burred, bent or eye size too small for the thread you are using (go up a size to test). Is the top thread coming out of tension discs or getting caught on thespool, spool pin, spool cap, thread guides, etc. If you are using cone thread on the horizontal spool pin, switch to a vertical thread stand to the right of the machine that will not catch the thread. Also start with polyester thread with more tensile strength than rayon. Finally, check the needle clearance between needle and rotary hook by removing needle plate and bobbin case for manual inspection (they should not touch). Please advise.

I have owned the White 4400 embroidery machine for 7 years. It is a great little machine. The ones selling now, are they exactly the same or have they been improved any? Can you tell me if White will be coming out anytime soon with another machine like this one with larger hoops and a cap hoop attachment? Can you tell me who actually makes the White machine? Thank you for your help.
Liz, The White 4400 is exactly the same machine as when you bought. It was imported by Singer Viking Pfaff SVP for dealers, and is the same machine as MarieOsmond EM1 and Bernina H79. There are no anticipated changes in hardware, software or accessories. White 4400 works with Windows XP but not with Windows 7 or 8, unless you figured a way to do it. Below is the White 4400 machine page and the optional hoops that will work with your White 4400 (same hoop attaching system as Brother PE100-200). Brother has the next step up embroidery machine with hoop size 5x7" and optional 5x12" at Brother PE770 5x7" Embroidery Machine 11 Extras! USB Key, Case, 1000 Designs, 6 Threads, Stabilizers Samples & DVD, Let me know if you have any questions about larger sewing field embroidery machines. Thank you. John
Thank you so much for your help. I checked out the Brother PE770 but I like the fact that I can view everything on the computer screen with the White 4400. I do some stops and skip parts of designs and start again and was told I could not do that with the PE770.
The White 4400 has so many neat features that I am used to and was looking for a machine just like it except with bigger hoops. Now that I see I can get bigger hoops I will stick with it.
I bought a Singer Futura XL400 and after having it a week and not being able to make it work, it went back. In the mean time I sold my White and now I am getting ready to buy another one. Unless you can reccomend another one.
Liz, we do not have any such embroidery only machine with larger than 4x4" hoops, digitizing software and USB cable except for the White 4400.
If you tell me what your budget is I will look for larger hoop sewing and/or embroidery only machines with the same features as White 4400 but with digitizing software and larger than 4x4" hoops that will work on Windows 7 and 8. John
Debbie, west chester
This machine is discontinued and the drivers have not been updated so it cannot be used with the newer laptops which have windows 7.

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