The collection contains 104 40 Wt. Rayon thread colors. If you have the Original Embroiderer’s Dream Collection then you already know that Sulky Rayon Thread is the perfect answer to all your machine embroidery projects. Now it’s time to expand your thread collection to include these 104 additional luscious colors that will spark your creativity and always give you the great results that you have come to expect from Sulky Rayon Threads. You Save $93.16 off the total Retail price of $473.11, if purchased separately!

Color Number: 14

Number of Items in Assortment: 104

Brand: 40 Wt. Rayon

  • Beautifully organizes over 100 of 250 yard snap-end Spools
  • Free standing, partially opened near your machine or fully opened and hung on a wall
  • Holds the small spools of most major brands
  • Lightweight. Weighs only 8 lbs when filled.
  • Easily remove a spool with the exclusive lifting tab.
  • Spools won't fall out.
  • Made In The USA
  • 13 Selections Available
The perfect storage box for all of your threads! * Beautifully organizes up to 104 Small Sulky Snap-end Spools * All spools are clearly visible and easily accessible * Weighs only 4 lbs. when filled * Free standing, partially opened near your machine, or fully opened and hung on a wall * Pre-filled Thread Collections are organized and labeled by color families * Pre-printed marking strips are available free from Sulky of America. An order form is included with each Sulky Slimline Storage Box * 9 different selections available! Embroiderer's Dream Collection New! 104 40 wt. Rayon Colors
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icon Sulky 885-14 Dream Embroiders Collection 2 Universal Slimline Embroidery Thread Kit Box 104 x 250yds Rayon 40wt