The white version of this quilt leaf is on backorder and will be back in stock by January 2022.

The Arrow quilting extension leaf 350QE White and 350QEA Almond for 351-353 ( the almond quilt leaf matches the sewing surface of the 3 cabinets with the leaves open) will create an additional 5 square feet of space behind your cabinets. The quilting extension leaf can be added-on easily with 4 screws. The leaf slides along a 34 ½” rod and can be slid anywhere along the rod for custom positioning. When your sewing project is done the leaf extension folds up nicely and hangs behind the cabinet back out of view.

The quilting extension leaf is 34 3/8” wide by 20 7/16” deep and will stand on two support legs that fold and tuck under the leaf when not in use. When leaf is extended behind the cabinet, level with the edge of the cabinet, the table stands 30 3/16” tall. The leaf extension only comes in classic white and will ship directly to your home in one box weighing 29 pounds. For assembly you will need a power drill or power screwdriver. The leaf comes fully assembled, but will need to be screwed on to the back of the cabinet using four 1 ¼” screws included in the box. The Arrow Quilt Leaf is currently available in white and almond.

General Arrow Quilt Leaf Demonstration Video:
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icon Quilt leaf lowered out of the way

icon quilt leaf set up at the back of the cabinet