Floriani Heat N Gone® is a 100% heat removable film that can be used as a topping or stabilizer on fabrics that can withstand an iron temperature in the “easy care/low range” of 260°–300° F (120°-140° C). Great when your fabric cannot withstand moisture - for example a velvet fabric. Trace intricate quilt patterns or designs that you want to free motion stitch for a perfect guide to follow on top of the fabric! Also an excellent choice for built in machine stitches such as quilting or heirloom.

  • Clear and Easy to see through
  • Easy to remove
  • Embossed backside prevents curling and shifting
  • Perfect for fabrics that can't be wet such as velvet, wool, satin, etc.
  • Trace intricate quilt patterns onto Heat N Gone® for an easy guide when free motion quilting or thread painting.
  • Prevents loops from sneaking back through on high pile fabrics such as towels and terry cloth.

    To use as a topping:
  • Place a piece of Heat N Gone® on the surface of the hooped item, bumpy side touching the fabric, and secure the outer corners with pins or tape to prevent curling.
  • Complete the embroidery design.
  • Important! Tear away/remove as much of the Heat N Gone® as possible.
  • Using a low to medium temperature, place a heated iron tip directly on top of the garment to remove the excess stabilizer.

    To use as a stabilizer:
  • Place a piece of Heat N Gone® within the hoop with the item to be embroidered. Use a piece at least one inch larger than the outer perimeter of the hoop and place the bumpy side of the stabilizer against the fabric.
  • Embroider the design.
  • Important! Tear away as much of the Heat N Gone® as possible.
  • Place a heated iron directly on top of the garment to remove the excess stabilizer. Be sure the iron temp is set to low/medium.

    TIPS for Successful Removal of Heat N Gone®
  • Always test stabilizer removal on a scrap of similar fabric before beginning your projects!
  • To clean your iron of any residue, heat the iron to its highest temperature and move the irons surface back and forth over a wet towel firmly. Iron cleaners such as Dritz and Niagra work also.
  • Stainless Steel Iron recommended for best stabilizer removal results.
  • Remember to use a low to medium setting on your iron to remove the bits of Heat N Gone from around the design – a high temperature will liquefy the product and make it melt back into the stitching.

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