Now in stock! Ready to learn everything there is to know about ScanNCutDX? Look no further, the ScanNCut DX Innovís-Edition Playbook is chock full of tools and tips to help you along through your ScanNCut DX journey. Written by Brother Brand Ambassador Cindy Hogan, this book has everything you need from understanding what all the buttons do to how to become proficient in cutting almost any material 3mm thick or less! The ScanNCut DX Innovís-Edition playbook will assist you with where to find plenty of resources for your ScanNCut DX Innov-ís-Edition Electronic Cutting Machine.

Main Features

  • Contains- 1 book, pigpong Lettering Collection 1 and videos on USB flash drive plus bonus PDF projects!
  • 9 Video Tutorials- that walk you through color coding PES files in PE-DESIGN software, cutting color coded PES files, using a PES file for cutting heat-transfer vinyl, reverse layering with vinyl, working in My Design Center on the Luminaire Series, Scan to Direct Cut feature, Scan to Cut Data feature, and making the vinyl charger project.
  • Learn How to Make These Projects- Felt Cake Topper, Cork Coasters, Welcome Friends Cutting Board and Charger Set, Quilted Pitcher Wrap, Appliqué Table Runner, Appliqué Burlap Favor Bag, and Tea Time Paper Banner.
  • Unique Design Files- USB flash drive includes cork coaster FCM file, 5 PES files, and 2 printable clip art sheets for scanning.
  • Even More Instructions- a glossary of most used buttons as well as additional scanning options section are also included on the USB flash drive.
  • USB Flash Drive Included- To use the USB flash drive included, first, remove it from the clear pouch from the inside front cover. To use it, flip open the USB pin of the credit card drive so that the port is visible as shown in the photo. The hinge portion of the card is located where you see the cut-out slot in the card. Open the card by putting pressure only on the hinge. Insert the pin into your USB drive on your computer or cutting machine.

    The ScanNCut DX Innovís-Edition playbook will assist you with where to find plenty of resources for your ScanNCut DX Innov-ís Edition Electronic Cutting Machine.
CADXPLAYBOOK1 ScanNCut DX Innov-ís Edition Playbook
  • Over 240 color pages with high-resolution images and step-by-step instructions
  • Featuring the SDX225 Innov-ís Edition but compatible with all ScanNCut DX models‡
  • Learn how to use your embroidery machine with the ScanNCut DX Innov-ís Edition
  • For use with the SDX225 Innovís-Edition
  • Contains: Pigpong Lettering Collection 1 and videos on USB flash drive PLUS bonus projects on PDF.
  • Book contains high-res images with step-by-step instructions
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icon Includes Pigpong Lettering Collection 1

icon includes Pigpong Lettering Collection 1, Videos on USB Flash Drive +Bonus Project

icon pigpong Lettering Collection banner

icon Scan, Cut, and Embroider

icon Included USB flash drive

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