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INCLUDED: Organ 16X95 PD Titanium 100 Sewing Machine Needles (DBx1 16x257 16x231)

The Reliable 2700SZ self-oiling high speed zig zag machine has a rotary take up mechanism to ensure the finest quality zig zag stitch possible. Along with the unique tension device it allows the 2700SZ to reach speeds of up to 5000 s.p.m. and makes the machine suitable for a wide range of sewing tasks including applique, elastic and tape stitching.

Our most advanced Direct Drive Technology motor and control box eliminates the belt and provides the user with the ultimate speed control as well as needle up and needle down time functionality.

With the adjustment of a dial, you can choose between a 2 or 4 step zig zag stitch and the 2700SZ is equipped with a condensed stitch mechanism for improving the strength of the back tack.

  • US Warranty 1 year parts, 90 days labor on defects in materials and workmanship.
  • Non-US Warranty: 30 days parts and labor
Maximum sewing speed: 2,500 rpm
Stitch length: 0-6 mm
Stitch width: 0-8 mm
Pressure foot lift: By knee 8mm
Needle system #: 135 x 5
Horizontal Rotary Hook: Double Hook
Stitch Adjustment: 2 or 4 point Zig Zag
Direct Drive Technology: Yes
Rotary Guard: Yes
Automatic Bobbin Winder: Yes
Lubrication: Automatic
Warranty Reliable 1 Year Warranty
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icon Reliable 2700SZ Direct Drive High Speed Rotary, up to 8mm Zigzag Stitch Width, up to 6mm Stitch Length Drop Feed Sewing Machine, Assembled Power Stand

The 2700SZ’s rotary take up mechanism ensures the finest quality zig zag stitch possible at the highest speeds, making the machine suitable for a wide range of sewing tasks including applique, elastic and tape stitching.

The 2700SZ features a unique rotary tension device that moves while the thread is being fed into the machine. This allows the 2700SZ to reach speeds of up to 3500 s.p.m.

Whether its a simple zigzag or applique function, the 2700SZ delivers fast and consistent results.

Included is an adjustable tape feed foot (up to 12mm) for elastic stitching. Perfect for undergarments, athletic sportswear and other elastic applications.

The 2700SZ direct drive motor allows you to program both the speed and needle position of the machine. This eliminates unwanted thread burn and allows for a smoother, more precise sewing experience.

icon Adjustable Zig Zag Stitch Dial

icon INCLUDES UBERLIGHT FLEX At no additional cost, we are including our all-new UberLight™ Flex 3100TL LED task and sewing light when you purchase the 2700SZ sewing machine. Our most advanced take sewing light is designed to see more with no glare and less eye strain.

Others skimp on the stand components, we don’t. We only use 100% plywood in our tabletops (not cheap particle board) and our legs are made from heavy-duty 3/32” steel.