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Oliso Auto Lift, Auto Off, Continuous and Steam Burst iTouch Irons Have Legs! Stainless Steel Non-Stick Soleplates, Ideal for Using On Wall Mount Ironing Boards with No Iron Rest Trays

Additional Information:
Considering the manufacturing and shipping issues relating to TG Series irons, Oliso is taking a preemptive measure and cancelling all existing customer purchase orders for TG1050, TG1100 and TG1600 irons. With respect to TG1050 and TG1100, we will not take new orders until such time as those models are scheduled for production, timing of which is uncertain. While production of TG1600 irons has just started after CNY (Chinese New Year), the schedule is not yet firm and we hope to have stock to be able to ship beginning in May 2021. As the schedule firms up, we will begin taking purchase orders in April. Oliso This is not your momma’s steam iron. All models of our Smart Iron line possess patented itouch™ technology, three-way steam, auto shut-off, and the ability to perform as a dry iron. Smarter than your average steam iron? Wait until you experience our Auto-Lift technology: you touch, iron lowers - you let go, iron raises. Kind of like little push-ups. We’re talking genius here, people. Oliso® Smart Irons make ironing fun and safer! With our patented, award-winning iTouch™ technology, just touch the handle and the iron lowers. Let go and it raises off the board. No lifting, no tipping, no leaking. Now that's smart!

Click Here to View the Oliso Iron Brochure and Comparison Chart for Oliso Smart Irons: TG1050, TG1100, and TG1600 (.PDF)