High-performance floor lamp that supports your vision throughout the day. The advanced color temperature feature allows you to choose the color temperature that you prefer: Daylight powerful task light to focus on your project and reduce eye strain, cool light for soft background lighting, and warm ambient light to create a comforting glow and a relaxing environment.
  • US Warranty 12 months replacement on defects in materials and workmanship.
  • Non-US Warranty: 30 days parts and labor
  • 3 flexible joints for effortless, adjustable, accurate positioning and smooth movement
  • Even light diffusion over a large area. Dimmable LEDs reduce eyestrain and improve contrast to help you see better
  • Move between Daylight (6,000K), cool light (4,000) and warm light (2,700K) at the turn of the switch to have the color temperature and brightness that you prefer, to support your task and optimal illumination throughout the day
  • Satin black paint will offer a sophisticated air to many different work-spaces. Elegant and sleek, great supporter of all interior styles

    Ideal Uses:
  • Place the Electra beside your armchair, sofa or next to your bed for a high-performance, unobtrusive reading light
  • Use it as a soft background, comforting, ambient light to enhance the sense of space. An elegant addition to any home
  • Illuminate your work area, no need to struggle with shadows, even when working long hours in front of a PC
  • Painting, drawing, designing with optimal brightness and no eye strain
  • Ideal for age-related sight conditions
  • Capture colors as accurately as possible to document your work with stunning photos or videos
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icon Daylight U35231 Electra

icon High-Performance Floor Lamp Light

Daylight Company provides "true color" technology, comparable to Ott-Lites, at an affordable price!

Daylight Bulb Compatibility Chart(.PDF)