The perfect small bag to hold your basic essentials—keys, identification, money, credit cards, cell phone, pen, and lipstick. Rectangular shaped pouch handbag includes three sizes. Finished small size is 6"wide x 6½" deep, medium is 8" x 9", and large is 10" x 11." Each size includes 4 zipper pockets in various sizes. Inside patch pocket offers 2 variations. One is a sectioned flat pocket and the other is a darted pocket for extra room. The Voyager is finished on the outside edges with bias binding.

Use Conchos to add decoration on handbags. To attach, press concho on fabric in desired position. The prong on the back will form an indentation. Use an awl to make a hole in the fabric to slip the prong through. Place the cap on the back side of the prong and give it a good wack with a hammer. Protect the front of the concho with a scrap of fabric to prevent scratching or scaring.