Melco XL Hoop Kit. This is compatible with XT, XTS, EMT16, EMT16PLUS, EMT16X, Bravo (C-Packages) and Bernina E16.

Hoop Inner Dimensions are 17.72 x 16.93in (45 x 43cm) - Maximum Sew Field is: 16.1 x 15.2

Update your Hoop Database for your Melco Software to include this XL Hoop.

Enjoy this video showing the Melco XL Hoop on Facebook or YouTube

Note: The Melco XL Hoop Arms included in this kit are not compatible with large Mighty Hoops or the Melco Tubular Sash Kit (original large wooden hoop kit).

Individual Melco XL Hoop PN# 34880 is also available on request without the required Melco XL Hoop Arms.